Employee Manuals

Without an employee handbook, your employees are free to claim, "I don’t know the rules."

Many small business owners overlook the importance of a comprehensive, well-written employee handbook. Some have an employee handbook that was written long ago and hasn’t kept up with changes in the law. Others write their own, hoping they are compliant.

With an employee handbook, you have the ability to treat your people consistently, legally, and fairly.

An effective employee handbook will:

• Protect your company from compliance liability
• Establish the expectations for your team

• Communicate, document, and update company policies
• Simplify onboarding

• Help employees understand what’s important to you
• Make training and enforcement easier for managers

If you write your own handbook (or update an existing one), it’s important to understand that many laws are at play here. If you have employees in more than one city or state, you will need location-specific sections of your handbook. Some laws, especially in California, mandate that you explicitly detail certain information. There can be liability and penalties for not having the correct information.

There are a variety of policies we can help you create:

• Dress Code and Appearance
• Anti-harassment policy

• Confidentiality
• Marijuana Use

• Work-from-home policy
• Substance-free workplace policy

• Social media use
• BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program

• Dating policies
• Safe Driving

• Weapons in the Workplace
• Smoking/Vaping policies

• Attendance
• Employee Searches

Let us know what policies are important to you.

If you only purchase one service from AccompliCenter, or from any HR professional, make sure you invest in a good Employee Manual. It protects you and helps you grow.